Things to Know About Driving Pre-employment Drug Testing

Different employers have different requirements that the employees should meet. Also, where permitted by the law, some employers may ask the employees to be screened for drugs and alcohol. Some employers may want the tests done before one is hired while others require the tests to be done immediately after one is hired. In such companies where the employees have to be tested, pre-employment drug testing is part of the application process. There is, therefore, need to understand everything about pre-employment drug testing. In case you find yourself in such a situation, it will not be something new to you. Here are things you should know about pre-employment drug testing and best artificial pee products.

Blood test

Blood testing is done to determine the amount of drug in one’s blood. Employers may want to know whether the applicants are drug users. This is easily done through a blood test. Illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol can be detected through blood testing. It is also important to understand that the test only shows the amount of drug in a one’s system at the time the blood has been drawn.

Hair drug test

This test provides past details about your drug use; this is because it provides a 90-day window of your drug use. This means that the employers can get to know about your past drug use and any impairment that might have been caused by the drug. This test does not show any current use of the drug and current impairments caused by the drug. The drugs that can be detected by this test include marijuana, methamphetamine, and opiates. Note that a hair test can’t be done to detect alcohol in your system.

Mouth swab drug test

The saliva test is another name for the mouth swab drug testing. Your saliva will be collected and tested to provide information on whether you have used any illegal drugs for the past few hours or up to 2 days before. You should understand that the saliva test is the simplest type of drug testing. This may explain why most employers prefer it to the other types.

Urine drug test

Urine drug test is the most common test done by most employers. Urine drug test is trusted by most employers because it is possible to determine the presences of any drug in the body even after the drug has been worn off. The urine drug test will show the residues of the drug in your body. Some of the illegal drugs that can be detected are nicotine, opiates, and alcohol.


Choosing A Car Stereo For Your Car

It feels good listening to music when driving. There are many entertainment options to choose from when selecting a stereo unit for your vehicle. Besides just looking at the stereo unit in your car at the moment, you also need to have a clear picture of what you want before making any move. Here are some questions that will go a long way in helping you make the right choice for you.

Questions to ask

What is your car?aSwdASDcAWSd

The first thing to do before shopping for a new stereo unit is to understand what is in your car now. Look at the features and see whether something that is missing or not. It is from what you have that you will be able to look for a device with the features you need. The idea is to help you focus on what you are missing.

What fits your car?

Not all stereo units on the market can fit your car. As such, you need to establish whether the unit you are about to buy fits your dash. It can be quite difficult to determine what is right or not just by reading product reviews. To help you with this, some retailers provide a vehicle selector tool that lets you filter the devices that do not fit in your car.

How do you listen to music?

Another important factor to make when choosing a car stereo receiver is to is to establish how to listen to music. Most music players can allow you listen to music from your iPod, Bluetooth players, mass storage, or from CDs. For instance, a car stereo that lets you play music from your CD can help you listen to the wall live cd and enjoy the best from the Roger Waters.

Why should I buy an expensive model?

SADfszdfvAcASDWhy should one spend more on a stereo unit? This is a common question considering that most cheap stereos offer almost everything you would want in a car stereo. Ideally, most people spend more money on these units with the objective of enjoying better sound, ease of use, and in most instances to create the wow factor.

A good way to start shopping for a car stereo is to know what you want. You also need to ensure that all options you are looking at are fit in your vehicle. Based on your budget, proceed and get a model that suits your preferences.

Features to look at when buying LED light bars

LED light bars may seem expensive and luxurious to many. However, this is not so as there are both cheap and expensive units. As much as you are operating on a tight budget, you can never miss a decent LED light bar with a reasonable amount. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that value for money is what should influence your selection criteria. As such, you should do your homework to get the best LED light bar for your car. Below are key features to look for when buying a LED light bar.

Ease of mountingzsdfvszDvsdsadc

A good LED light lamp should be easy to mount on any automobile. With regards to this feature, there are different varieties, which include surface mounted, pole mounted, windshield mounted. Thus, in cases that call for speed installation as in the case of ambulances, these should be a critical feature.

Energy saving

This is a standard feature in LED light bars. To save on energy, most of these lamps are either solar- powered or battery powered. Additionally, with recent renovations, coming across a rechargeable battery is easy. This makes them a cheaper option. Thus, this also increases their energy efficiency. Another energy efficiency feature is the use of low power wattage in assemblies of LEDS. All these energy efficiency features make Led light bars a reliable, convenient, and cheap option for many users.


This is another notable feature in LED light bars. This feature allows the LED light bars to create an appropriate light beam based on the situation. To facilitate this, matrices of LED lights bars are used to alter the configurations. This feature is ideally suitable in cases of emergency where the light is supposed to be configured and modified without hesitations. Customized LED light bar are mostly used in patrol cars where lights are used to relay certain messages.aDScaSDsdcc

LED light effects

People will always be attracted by the effects generated by the LED light bar. They will differ depending on the exact purpose. As such, LED light bars are designed to match the same. The colors displayed and the interval of flashing matter most in creating attention. Also, the frequency of alternating the colors and the flashes will be influenced by the requirement. In case you need a light bar for off-road applications, you can be sure that the brightness and intensity of this light can be adequate for such applications

How to find a good supercar rental company

It takes some effort to find the best supercars rental companies that offer the best prices. This is because the analysis of car rental rates isn’t that sophisticated and detailed as compared to the analysis used in the hotel and flight booking industries. Fortunately, I have some tips for you on how you can find a good supercar rental company if you are planning to give yourself a treat.

With so many supercar rental companies available each offering their services at different prices, renting a supercar of your choice can sometimes be confusing and expensive. However, you don’t have to go through all the stress and headaches to get a good supercar rental company. Below are tips to help you get the best car rental services that will suit your needs.

Types of vehicles

A good car rental company should have a wide range of supercar hire to choose from. You will, therefore, choose a supercar rental company that you are sure will have that specific type of car that you are interested in whether it is a McLaren, a Lamborghini or a Ferrari.

Programs and discounts

Since renting supercars are quite expensive as compared to renting the normal cars, you will need to save some cash when reserving a supercar. Good supercar rental companies offer their clients with discount programs and special promotional offers. This will enable you to save some money especially if you are operating on a tight budget.

Rental services offered

Their rental services offered refers to the types of trips for which you can reserve a car. Some of the various services offered include round-trip rental where you pick up a car and bring it back in the same location. There are also one-way rentals where you don’t have to bring back the car to the same location where you picked it up. However, this type of arrangement will cost you a little extra. A good rental company will offer you a variety of rental services that you will choose from.

Reservations and delivery

The best supercar rental companies allow their customers to make reservations for their supercars of their choice online or through the phone. Some companies will also offer delivery and collection services to customers so that you won’t have to travel to go and pick your car; it will be brought to you.


Various kinds of tyre wear and tear

There are a lot of ways an individual drives a vehicle that can cause wear and tear on a tyre. An important question to ask yourself as a car driver is what do the various patterns mean? It might prove to be hard to view patterns on the tyre as opposed to an illustrated image but the simplest means to show that your treads are damaged is to feel if the drive is uneven. Below are different kinds of tyre wear and tear:

Wear in the middle of the tyregfvghbhjnjknkl

If the edges of the tyre look as great as new while the center seems smooth, you should know that this comes about as a result of over-inflation of the tyre. The whole flat part should be in contact with the road and overinflating the tire makes the central part to expand.

Wear on the edges

When the tyre is overinflated subsequently, there will be underinflating. This does the total opposite to the material and causes damage to the edges of the tyre. This could eventually damage your wheel if you let it get to that point.

Completely smooth rubber

This one is very obvious. Braking hard can cause a lot of damage to your car tyres. Braking is the action of stopping the wheels from revolving. If you brake hard while at the same time speeding, you will run your car tyres completely flat. Keep this in mind when driving to avoid abrupt braking.

Diagonal wear

You should know that there are some problems if you see diagonal streaks of wear on your vehicle’s tyre. This is a perilous issue, and it should be fixed without delay.

Randomized wear

If you view random patches of wear, it could mean that your vehicle’s tyres are imbalanced. If you see this kind of wear ensure that you get your tyres rotated by a professional immediately because it can be dangerous to drive with such a problem.

Feathered wear

fcgvghbhjknknlnThis concept is the same as stroking a bird. One way is all the way smooth while stroking the other way will lift every feather. Wear is dangerous to you and your family when driving. It is vital to address the problem early before a serious accident takes place as well as costly damage to the wheels and the mechanics of the rest of the vehicle. To get these problems fixed pay a tyre specialist a visit to balance. Align and rotate your tyres.


Rules to follow when dealing with a car mechanic

Having a car is a valuable investment even though it is no longer considered as a luxury than only the rich can afford. At the end of the day, it is still a machine that experiences wear and tear. Vehicle parts will cease to function after a certain period of time if not taken care of at the right moment. Every car needs servicing and maintenance every now and then, and it is not a job you can carry out by yourself. A mechanic is required if you want to keep your vehicle functioning just as fine as for a couple of years to come. You will probably find numerous mechanics who will guarantee you the best results, but you cannot place your trust on any random individual. You should check the many aspects associated with their skills before arriving at a conclusion. When dealing with a mechanic you should adhere to some rules, and they are as follows:

Good communication

Ensure that you are fully aware of the specific problems that gvghvbhjhnjkjyour car is experiencing. You can start by noting down any change or irregularity in the way that your car is functioning and inform your mechanic about it. When you let the mechanic know the details, it becomes simple for them to ensure that the problems are taken care of instantly and further find out other issues that your car may have. Leaving everything to the mechanic to solve may not be the correct option as they would be driving it about to find out the problems.

Have realistic expectations

Various mechanics would promise fast solutions, but it is not always the case when they attend to you the moment you go to them. There may be many other vehicles queued up before yours hence there is a need for you to exercise patience. You cannot expect fast services from them as it requires some time to test, analyze, repair and eventually deliver your car that is fully functional.

Ensure your car is clean

Even though your car may not be functioning right, you are required to have the courtesy to send across a clean car. While attending to faulty areas of the car, the mechanic would have to otherwise throw away useful time in cleaning your car instead of doing what he is supposed to do.

Let them do their work

dfgcfgvghvbkjbkThe mechanic is aware that it is your car, and you have the right to know what is happening during the repair and maintenance process, but that does not imply that you should hover around them when they are doing their job. This would lead to you interfering in their work process which is inappropriate. You have to trust them because they possess knowledge and experience on car repair and maintenance.