Things to Know About Driving Pre-employment Drug Testing

Different employers have different requirements that the employees should meet. Also, where permitted by the law, some employers may ask the employees to be screened for drugs and alcohol. Some employers may want the tests done before one is hired while others require the tests to be done immediately after one is hired. In such companies where the employees have to be tested, pre-employment drug testing is part of the application process. There is, therefore, need to understand everything about pre-employment drug testing. In case you find yourself in such a situation, it will not be something new to you. Here are things you should know about pre-employment drug testing and best artificial pee products.

Blood test

Blood testing is done to determine the amount of drug in one’s blood. Employers may want to know whether the applicants are drug users. This is easily done through a blood test. Illegal drugs such as cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol can be detected through blood testing. It is also important to understand that the test only shows the amount of drug in a one’s system at the time the blood has been drawn.

Hair drug test

This test provides past details about your drug use; this is because it provides a 90-day window of your drug use. This means that the employers can get to know about your past drug use and any impairment that might have been caused by the drug. This test does not show any current use of the drug and current impairments caused by the drug. The drugs that can be detected by this test include marijuana, methamphetamine, and opiates. Note that a hair test can’t be done to detect alcohol in your system.

Mouth swab drug test

The saliva test is another name for the mouth swab drug testing. Your saliva will be collected and tested to provide information on whether you have used any illegal drugs for the past few hours or up to 2 days before. You should understand that the saliva test is the simplest type of drug testing. This may explain why most employers prefer it to the other types.

Urine drug test

Urine drug test is the most common test done by most employers. Urine drug test is trusted by most employers because it is possible to determine the presences of any drug in the body even after the drug has been worn off. The urine drug test will show the residues of the drug in your body. Some of the illegal drugs that can be detected are nicotine, opiates, and alcohol.